Keeping white projects white

white crochet project

Extra tools needed to keep white projects really clean

Recently I spent a lot of time working with nearly-white yarn. The project needed to remain as clean as possible. It will be photographed and must look its best. Laundering the finished project was out of the question, so all miraculous laundry products were useless. I had no choice but to keep my work very clean from start to finish.

This routine began before the first stitch. It may have been unnecessary, but I did wash the crochet hook before starting the project. I wiped off the ball roller and swift and washed my hands before winding yarn. Then the project could begin.

When I was working in my familiar space at home, I followed my usual practice for keeping a white project clean. One day I was going to stitch with some friends. Packing up the project reminded me of the extra aids I use when working with white. Here they are:

  1. Wipes. The most obvious way to keep white work clean is by keeping my hands very clean. Washing hands often when I can. Carrying disposable wipes when taking my work out.
  2. A clean linen cloth. On my lap, it protects the white stitching from any fibers in my clothes. Then the cloth wraps around the work and keeps it cleaner when putting it aside. My favorite cloths are linen dish towels. They keep glasses lint free, and that is just the property I want in a lap cloth for this kind of stitching.
  3. A bag for the working yarn. An ordinary zip bag will do the trick. Of course, all the yarn not yet needed is held in other, sealed bags.
  4. A bag for carrying the whole project and all the tools. A zippered bag prevents the white project from falling out en route. Here, a Walker bag.
  5. Lint roller. Despite all precautions, lint and dog hairs waft around and seem drawn to a white project as iron filings to a magnet. A lint roller gobbles up those linty bits and pet hairs.

Not pictured: Hand cream. On purpose! Hand cream is not part of my working-with-white kit. Some lotions and creams leave a little residue, and even a little might migrate to my stitching.

This project was crocheted in cotton and other fibers. The same aids, the same methods work for knitting and for other fibers.

Sorry for being vague about what the project is! It will appear in good time, and then I can describe it.

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2 Responses to Keeping white projects white

  1. Viv says:

    Great post!! I’m always so paranoid when working with white yarn, this will definitely help 🙂

    • Mabel-Mabel says:

      I know what you mean! White and near-white yarn can be scary! Especially when you know that you cannot treat the project to a serious laundry experience. It can be worthwhile to make it work. There are some great effects in whites!

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