More edging fun during the polar vortex

Mafalde Cowl
The uncommonly cold weather recently prompted me to use a skein of new-to-me yarn and knit a warming cowl. The result is the Mafalde Cowl, now on Ravelry.

The yarn is Cloud from Cascade Yarns. This yarn has a cabled construction, adding lots of air, and air means warmth. With 30% baby alpaca and 70% merino wool, the fiber content makes it even warmer than average. Perfect when the weather outside is more than frightful.

I love the effect of the twisted edging that I used in the Mafalde Headband and used the same kind of approach in this cowl. The stitch patterns are different: garter stitch in the headband, seed stitch in the cowl.  Scale varies between the two as well. The ruffled, textured edging gives form to the sides of the cowl.

A cozy, warm cowl with some body, yet easy to knit and using only one skein. Ideal for this fierce winter!

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