Tiz a Shawl and fun to knit and to wear

knitted lace shawl

Tiz a Shawl, from border up the body pattern

Lace shawls have an unlimited role in the wardrobe. They add a dash of color and pattern to our necks and shoulders, They add some warmth, too, when knitted from wool or other warm fibers. They fold to a tiny size and fit easily into a drawer or a suitcase. As travel accessories, they are unsurpassed.

Knitting a lace shawl can be a rite of passage for an emerging knitter. The geometry of knitted lace is extremely logical, and many of us find it a fascinating approach to knitting. Nearly an addictive type of knitting. But since any wardrobe can accommodate still one more knitted shawl, we keep looking for another combination of stitch pattern, yarn, color and overall effect.

Meet Tiz, a Shawl. Tiz begins at the base of the neck. By adding stitches on all right-side rows, the shawl grows into a triangle. Most wrong-side rows are purled, giving the knitter a little rest. Where a lace pattern belongs on the easy-to-difficult spectrum is a personal decision. I find this combination of lace patterns relatively easy.

I knit Tiz from a fantastic fingering yarn from the talented Rhichard Devrieze, which he calls Peppino. The vivid green is Son of the Frog. Rhichard is an extraordinary color artist, and any of his near-solids would knit as beautifully into a Tiz of your own.

Many fingering weight yarns lend themselves to knitted lace, and there are many fine yarns on the market. This particular yarn, Peppino, surpassed my expectations. It felt wonderful while knitting it. Smooth, consistent, the right twist for stitch definitions–all key virtues when knitting lace. Then I blocked the shawl. I am a big fan of blocking anyway. Again, my expectations were surpassed by blocking with this yarn. Tiz smoothed out into a shawl to throw around your shoulders at any time.

The shawl is named in honor of a charming French Bulldog. Tiz the Dog is a fine girl indeed and lives in one of the nicest families I have ever known.

knitted lace shawl

Tiz a Shawl

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