Gobelin Scarf debuting in Interweave Crochet

gobelin scarf, crocheted, folded

Gobelin Scarf has wavy edges and showcases colors in unexpected ways – with an unexpectedly easy-to-work stitch.

I am so excited to see my pattern, Gobelin Scarf, in the Spring 2014 issue of Interweave Crochet!

Interweave always does a fantastic job of styling and photographing pieces. If you don’t have your copy yet, look at their great images on the Interweave Crochet design page! Or in Ravelry. Stunning styling and photography, right?!

Interweave’s attention to detail in the less visible disciplines like tech editing helps to make their magazines beautiful and useful. A joy to work designs from their magazines. A joy to create designs for their magazines.

Where did this scarf design come from? From my enthusiasm for the Tunisian crochet stitch called Gobelin Stitch and what it does to mix up colors in hand-painted yarns.

Gobelin Stitch is one of the many stitch patterns with more than one name, among them Tunisian Brick, Full, Net and Waffle Stitch. A lot of choice for the same thing! Here is a video tutorial for working the basics of Gobelin Stitch.

The only tricky thing about the stitch is paying attention to the edges and avoiding an unplanned change in stitch counts, which make corresponding wobbles to the side edges.

Side edges vary easily in this stitch… How can I make that a virtue rather than a hazard?

By making the sides wavy on purpose! A pattern that is not identical on every row is more interesting to crochet. Wavy edges also keep the finished scarf slightly lighter in weight, and Gobelin Stitch does make dense fabric if left to its own devices.

detail of tunisian crochet gobelin stitch on gobelin scarf

Gobelin Stitch gives the Gobelin Scarf its name and its fascinating texture.

Wavy edges also mean that any color pooling from hand-painted yarn is much, much less likely to occur. Gobelin Stitch creates little dashes of color, visually broken up by the stitches on adjacent rows.

The natural yarn to reach for was one of my all-time favorites, Claudia Hand Painted Yarn. The yarn previously labeled as Fingering, now called Addiction, is the perfect weight for this scarf. Even my Canadian friends will find the resulting fabric plenty warm.

The editors at Interweave Crochet chose one of Claudia’s many great color combinations called Eat Your Veggies. I love the rich colors of kale, peas, string beans, broad beans, asparagus, spinach, and many lettuces and herbs. Wonderful for eating, and in a scarf, these greens coordinate with almost everything.


  • Two Tunisian hooks, F/3.75 mm and H/5 mm
  • 600-700 yards of fingering weight wool, Claudia Hand Painted Yarn Fingering (now labeled Addiction); well suited to variegated hand paints and equally lovely in solids or near solids.
  • Pattern in Interweave Crochet, Spring 2014
  • Creates a scarf about 7″ wide x 58″ long, stylish, warm and fun to crochet!
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2 Responses to Gobelin Scarf debuting in Interweave Crochet

  1. Jacquline says:

    Congrats on the publication! The scarf looks neat. 🙂

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