Who’s Mabel?

We are rich in Mabels!

In my personal timeline, the first Mabel was my great aunt. A woman born in the late 19th century. A kind woman who was perpetually busy keeping a house and her family going. I only knew her when I was little, but she was impressive! I always liked her old-fashioned name. Others did, too, but never enough to use it for 20th or 21st century babies. A name waiting for re-christening.
a good black dog
Several years ago I adopted a rescue dog with spaniel-ish heritage. A dog with old-fashioned looks and enormous charm. Here was the waiting to bear the name Mabel. And Mabel she is! A fabulous pet. Another time we can sing the praises of rescue dogs and the volunteers who do so much for them and for us.

Additional Mabels are in a classic Procul Harem song and in the rhyme:

Mabel, Mabel, if you’re able,
Take your elbows off the table!

You might have learned it with different words. Every version I have heard is geared toward improving table manners.

Mabel the dog has many talents and pretty good table manners. She has heard many audiobooks as companion to a knitter, but Mabel is not deft with yarn, photography or writing. Her scribe takes care of these. Together we explore the topics we find curious, always questing for satisfying answers.


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